ADA Web Accessibility Statement

Teter is committed to ensuring digital accessibility for people with disabilities. We strive to make our website accessible and inclusive for all users, regardless of their abilities or impairments. We believe in providing an accessible online experience and aim to comply with the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Accessibility Features:

  • Text Equivalents: We provide alternative text descriptions (alt-text) for images and non-text elements, allowing screen readers to convey this information to visually impaired users.
  • Keyboard Navigation: Our website can be fully navigated using a keyboard alone, ensuring that users who cannot operate a mouse or other pointing devices can access all content.
  • Clear Structure and Headings: We utilize proper heading structures to organize content, making it easier for screen readers and users to understand the hierarchy and navigate through the pages.
  • Consistent Design: We maintain a consistent layout and design throughout our website to enhance usability and predictability for all users.
  • Color Contrast: We strive to maintain sufficient color contrast between text and background elements to aid users with visual impairments or color blindness.
  • Resizable Text: Users can increase or decrease the text size on our website, allowing those with visual impairments or reading difficulties to adjust the content according to their preferences.
  • Descriptive Links: We use descriptive link text that provides information about the destination, enabling users using screen readers to understand the purpose of the link.

Ongoing Efforts:

  • Accessibility Guidelines: We follow the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1, Level AA standards, published by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), as a reference for our accessibility efforts.
  • Regular Audits: We conduct regular audits and assessments of our website to identify and address any accessibility barriers.
  • User Feedback: We welcome feedback from users regarding accessibility issues they encounter. If you have any suggestions, questions, or concerns about the accessibility of our website, please contact us using the information provided below.

Contact Information:

If you encounter any accessibility barriers or have any questions or concerns about the accessibility features of our website, please contact us using the following information:

Name: Teter
Phone: (559)437-0887

We are committed to making continuous improvements to ensure that our website is accessible to all individuals, including those with disabilities. Your feedback is valuable in helping us achieve this goal.

Date of Last Update: June 21, 2023