We Are What We Do

High Performance,
High Standards

We hear the words “high-performance” around our offices a lot. Not because anyone needs reminding, but because it is a basic part of what we do and how we do it. We maintain the highest standards in our internal and external relationships, treat each other and clients with respect, produce high-quality design and engineering, and back up our design with thorough, clean construction documents that get buildings built smoothly.

Internally, we support career advancement for all our employee owners, offering the training and opportunities that allow them to grow. We help foster their passion for architecture and engineering, which comes out in the quality of work they do. Our goal is to be EPIC (exceptional, professional, inspirational, and connected). And we do it all to Build a Better Valley—for our clients, our professionals and their families, and our communities.


Start with talented, motivated professionals and always maintain the highest standards of work and conduct.


Be honest, fair, objective, humble, and respectful.


Value and support staff in career advancement, contributions to the firm, and work-life balance.


Emphasize relationships with clients and team members and give back to the community.