Master Planning

Everybody needs to dream. We take our clients’ hopes and aspirations for their project, filter them through our knowledge of what’s possible, and create master plans that everyone can dream about.

Architectural Design

It’s easy to love beautiful buildings—we do, too, and we enjoy creating them. But sometimes a client’s budget is limited or there are existing restrictions on what can be done. In those cases, we collaborate with our clients to give them more than they expect and a solution they’ll enjoy for years to come.

Structural Engineering

Structural systems might not make it into glossy design magazines, but most people would agree they care more about a sound building than a cover story. We’re serious about providing solid, cost-effective, safe solutions inside any project, magazine-worthy or not.

Plumbing Engineering

The flow must go on. We design reliable systems that conserve water and require minimal maintenance. Brand new or redo, simple or complex, our solutions give clients peace of mind so they can put plumbing out of their minds.

Mechanical Engineering

Most people don’t think about mechanical systems until they don’t work. We design them to provide user comfort and be efficient without losing reliability. And when we get a call about an existing system failing, we walk through tunnels and attics if we need to and help determine a solution that no one will have to think about.

Electrical Engineering

People need their power. Our bright electrical engineers bring their expertise to lighting systems, power distribution, and renewable, energy-efficient solutions that reduce energy consumption while keeping the lights on, the rooms cool, and the motors running.

Information Technology

Enterprises don’t run without phones, computers, and devices. With RCDD-certified professional engineers on staff, we design I.T. distribution systems from the street to the device, ensuring that communication flows without a hitch.

Construction Administration

A lot can happen during construction. It always does. We help clients navigate the construction process, solving design or building issues and quickly handling changes or conflicts if they arise.


We all want environments that promote health and well-being. And we know we need to conserve resources for future generations. We have an enthusiastic group of long-time LEED-accredited professionals who design buildings that are healthy for people and sustainable for the environment.


A great idea never goes far if it doesn’t have funding. And who wants to talk about money? Well, we do when it comes to helping our K-12 clients bring their projects to life. We develop funding analyses and implementation plans during the master planning process that maximize their potential for state funding and move their projects from dream to reality.

Accessibility Surveys

Let’s face it. Almost no one has all the accessibility standards and updates in their head, or even knows where to look. That’s where we come in. Whether a business wants a basic accessibility review or a Construction-Related Accessibility Standards Compliance Act (CRASCA) report, we survey sites and buildings and provide detailed reports for our clients.