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Newer, bigger, and in this case, better

Lincoln Elementary had a good problem, as problems go: their facilities were too small for the student, teacher, and staff populations they had grown to. This modernization gave them both more elbow room and 21st-century features to improve learning. In the classrooms, we put new interactive smart boards on every teaching wall, benefiting students of all learning styles. We increased the size of the administration building by 15’, allowing for a new nurse’s office and staff work area, as well as a corner office for the principal, who can now see the entire campus from his desk, including entrances. The library got a better desk for the librarian and new reading and computer areas. By extending the multi-purpose room 10’, more students can eat in the cafeteria at one time, eliminating one of the staggered lunch periods and giving everyone longer recess. And everyone loves a longer recess.