The TETER Family is Growing!

We’re excited to announce that Kathy Synder has joined TETER.

Kathy Snyder has joined our construction administration team in the Fresno office, bringing with her thirteen years of experience in all corners of the construction industry. If you haven’t met Kathy yet (which you really should), you’ve probably heard of her projects: El Paseo Shopping Center in Fresno, Maya Cinemas at Campus Pointe, Merced Theater, Mendota Federal Prison. Her list goes on, but let’s just say that she’s helped give many parts of the Central Valley a new energy.

Kathy’s background includes working with all the players in the construction process, from owners to architects to subcontractors in different industries. Private projects, public, government—she’s seen it all and knows what works, what doesn’t, and what needs to be improved before the project slows down. Her big-picture thinking and knack for problem-solving make life easier for clients, as any of them will tell you:

Kathy is an indispensable member of the County’s capital projects team. Her professionalism, depth of knowledge, and attention to detail have earned our trust and respect. She enables us to speed up delivery of our projects. We are able to work on more projects with Kathy’s assistance.” – Adam Cox, Management Analyst, County of Merced

With her love of the Central Valley, her client-centric focus, and ability to see problems and solve them creatively, we know Kathy is going to fit right in at TETER. Welcome, Kathy!

Kathy stands in front of Maya Cinemas. She was the Assistant Project Manager who was responsible for the oversight of construction completion of this new movie theater.