2018 BE E.P.I.C. Winners

Staff Select 2018’s BE E.P.I.C. Winners

  • BE EXCEPTIONAL – Kevin Bohnstedt, Project Manager

“Kevin Bohnstedt is TETER’s 2018 BE Exceptional winner thanks to his exceptional REVIT leadership, client service, and project foresight.  Kevin’s discipline, commitment, motivation, energy, and drive help TETER “build a better valley”.

  • BE PROFESSIONAL – Kevin Rowland, Organizational Development

“Kevin Rowland is TETER’s 2018 BE PROFESSIONAL winner. “Coach, confidant, staff developer, ethical, impartial, good listener, and mentor” are just a few words to describe Kevin Rowland.”

  • BE INSPIRATIONAL – Megan Armendariz, Job Captain

“”Megan Armendariz is TETER’s 2018 BE INSPIRATIONAL winner: “The project wouldn’t have been successful without her.” “She definitely pays it forward.” “If she says it will get done, I know it will.””

  • BE CONNECTED – Karen Guevara, Financial Analyst

“Karen Guevara is TETER’s 2018 BE CONNECTED winner thanks to her relationships with clients, connections to colleagues, and active involvement with the community.”