Sustainability is one of TETER‘s core values and areas of expertise. Our sustainability experts pay special attention to preserving the natural environment, water conservation, energy conservation, resource management, material longevity & maintenance, indoor air quality and daylighting. TETER collaborates with owners, end-users, designers, and constructors to carefully consider all aspects of achieving a sustainable project, to the greatest extent possible, while considering the project buy valium ebay cost and constructability.

• HVAC Equipment
• Lighting Systems
• Building Automation and Controls
• Renewable Energy Systems
• Distributed Generation
• Refrigeration
• Commercial Kitchen Equipment
• Electrical Service/Distribution Systems
• Domestic Hot & Cold Water Systems
• Irrigation Systems
• Other building systems upon request

LEED® / Sustainable Services
• LEED® Design Consulting / Project Support
• LEED® Charrettes / Training
• LEED® Template Documentation and Peer Review
• LEED® Project Management
• LEED® Commissioning