Beckie Pierce
Director of First Impressions

What is your client service philosophy?
I try to market TETER to each and every person who calls. I make sure that clients get the best support they need, no matter what their dilemma. Everyone who calls in feels important when I answer the phone. Their concerns are my concerns. I try to resolve their problems in a timely manner.

You’ve worked at TETER’s Visalia office for 13 years, what are the best aspects of your position?
There are many. However I really enjoy meeting new clients. I try to get to know new clients on a personal level so they know we care and value them. It’s important that I have my smile on at all times! Having a positive “can-do” attitude is the only way to go. I enjoy supporting the Partners and Visalia staff. Working with Stan Canby has been really neat, as he is the Famous Residential Architect in the San Joaquin Valley. Stan’s designs are amazing. I’ve learned a lot from Stan and the other Visalia staff.

What is your favorite client service story?
One day a V.I.P. client came into town for a meeting with Byron Dietrich, a Senior Partner. The V.I.P. did some site seeing in Visalia and got bit by a dog. He went to TETER’s Visalia office for help. I immediately cheap valium uk took him to urgent care. I didn’t leave his side until he was signed up and Okayed by urgent care. Hopefully he saw that TETER goes the extra mile for our friends.

What do you do for fun?
I really love to travel. I’ve gone to Florida twice by myself to see family. My passion is entertaining friends and family. I enjoy trying out new recipes on my husband, Jon, backpacking, hiking, exercising, and motorcycling riding (as the passenger).

What non-profit organization do you support and why?
Jon and I volunteer for the Downtown Visalians. They’re a non-profit Merchant Association. We enjoy volunteering for events sponsored by them. Their fund-raising events include: Visalia Street Fair, Music Events Downtown Expo, Taste of Downtown, and Wine & Cheese bar. The money raised goes to local schools, downtown revitalization projects, and breast cancer research. We like staying connected to our local community. Plus it’s really fun!

What are you most proud of?
I am so proud to be a part of an organization that is on the move. TETER has always been a firm whose best interest are their employees. TETER’s Partner Group values our clients too. They commit time and resource to clients to maintain a long-term partnership. I feel that our firm is the very best. It just keeps getting better.