Steven Jones, PE, LEED AP
Mechanical Engineer

What inspired you to become a Mechanical Engineer?

My father was a physicist and my mom was a Quality Control Manager. Becoming an engineer was inevitable. I was always the kid who takes apart toys to figure out how to fix them if they broke. Neighborhood friends would bring me their toys or flat bike tires, then I would fix them. One of my favorite books as a kid was “The way things work”. If you’ve ever seen the Dilbert comic “The Knack”, that was me.

What is your client service philosophy?

Do what’s right. Utilize our technical knowledge and expertise to educate the Client. Design systems that provide the best efficiency and comfort within the Clients budget while keeping in focus the Clients’ maintenance capabilities.

What is the most rewarding aspect of being a part of TETER’s Mechanical Engineering Division?

I’ve been a part of the TETER Mechanical Engineer Team nearly since its inception and have helped it grow into one of the top Mechanical Engineering providers in the Central Valley.

What is your favorite lesson learned project story?

The importance of being clear and specific in our drawings. I had an automotive maintenance cheap valium china shop project many years ago in which code required the supply air to be delivered at 8 inches above the floor. On our plans, I noted for the supply duct to “Extend Down To +8 Above Finished Floor”. While on site for a field inspection, I noticed the Contractor stopped the duct at 8 feet above the floor. I had omitted the “inches” in my note. Thankfully the Contractor agreed that the duct should have stopped at 8” and went ahead and fixed it at no additional cost.

What do you do for fun?

When I’m not playing with my kids or watching them play in their sports, I enjoy building things, fixing things, and doing home renovation projects. I like to go camping, enjoy the outdoors, hiking, or 4-wheeling in remote areas.

What non-profit organization do you support and why?

I’ve provided engineering services for Habitat for Humanity to assist with their first LEED certified homes. I’ve worked with Habitat swinging a hammer to help build a house. It was a rewarding experience to work side-by-side with my coworkers and the future owners of the house. I look forward to the next opportunity to do it again.