Loren Aiton, LEED AP
Director of Sustainable Design / Architect

What does a “Director of Sustainable Design” do?

The Director of Sustainable Design’s role is to: review all of the projects being prepared by TETER for inclusion of sustainable building strategies to the maximum extent possible; maintain expertise in sustainable building techniques/technologies, the CALGreen Green Building Code, and USGBC’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED); sharing this knowledge with the TETER Staff; influencing design efforts toward sustainable solutions.

What inspired you to become an Architect?

I am a legacy of my grandfather, an architect and an architecture professor, and my mother, a teacher. My main motivation to become an architect was to design and create buildings that provide a positive influence on people’s lives. I hope to create buildings that bring out the best in their users.

What is your client service philosophy?

Understanding the client’s needs, openness, clear communications, honesty, and complete disclosure are essential. The project design, first and foremost, must serve the client’s needs and budget. When those have been achieved then we seek opportunity for architectural expression.

What is the most rewarding aspect of being a part of TETER?

TETER’s willingness to allow me to expand the reach of our firm design offerings in new building types and techniques. I have stretched the capabilities of the firm into new areas including rx online buy valium criminal justice design, green building and sustainability. At TETER, I’m free to explore new market sectors and project types. I’ve also enjoy working with extremely talented and motivated group of professionals.

What is your favorite lesson learned project story?

Team work and full participation from all the stakeholders (owners, designers, and contractors) make for the most successful  projects. This is a requirement for a successful LEED project. The Kern Schools Federal Credit Union LEED Certified buildings represent a shining example of how high quality design and successful outcomes can be achieved when the entire project team is engaged throughout the project.

What do you do for fun?

I enjoy hiking, hunting, and camping. My wife and I first moved to the central valley to be closer to the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The addition of a travel trailer has greatly expanded our camping trips. I am also an avid computer gamer.

What non-profit organization do you support and why?

I’m a charter member of the USGBC Green Building Council Central California Chapter. I’ve been on the Board of Directors of the Chapter since its founding, and served as Vice President and President for multiple terms. I’m committed to the mission of the Chapter, which is to educate/inform the San Joaquin Valley about LEED and support the adoption of Sustainable Building technologies and standards.