Jenn Smith
Project Administrator

What is your client service philosophy?

I truly believe that everyone (from a phone caller to internal staff to external clients) should be treated with the same amount of respect. I strive for equality when addressing people’s needs; no matter who they are or what their need may be, servicing him/her is a top priority.

What are the best aspects of your position as Project Administrator?

I love interacting with all the different teams and personalities at TETER. I enjoy learning new things on a daily basis. Acquiring knowledge about the A/E industry, coordinating project financials/budgets/schedules, and piecing it all together are exciting and rewarding to me. I love that TETER has an “open-book” management philosophy, because it allows me to fully understand the company as a whole.

What is your favorite client service story?

I don’t have just one story. I try my hardest to provide the best support to everyone at TETER & to our clients. Whether it’s keeping the kitchen and restrooms clean, running errands, working twelve-hour days or weekends to meet project deadlines, I’m willing to do whatever it takes. I know many count on me to get the job done, so I always do my best to be an asset to internal order valium from pakistan personnel at TETER and to our valued external clients.

What do you do for fun?

I am hopelessly addicted to spin class. I’ve gone five to six times a week for the past five + years. I LOVE recruiting new TETER “spinners,” and have thought about becoming an instructor in my spare time. Also, recently, I┬ámade a life-changing decision to become a ‘puppy-mom.’ Now I’m completely obsessed with my Pit/Lab mix puppy, ‘Paisley.’ My family and friends tease me, saying I love her more than my actual child. I don’t lover her more… but it’s probably a tie. : )

What are you most proud of and why?

I am most proud of my son, Austin. He is respectful, thoughtful, outgoing, smart, and positive young man. He has a heart of gold and a great sense of humor. Austin’s a great student and has maintained straight A’s throughout Elementary and Junior High Schools, with only a couple of B’s along the way. Austin’s accomplishments and amazing personality make me proud. Being a single, working mom for over ten years and having raised such a wonderful young man makes me so proud.