Isela Barcenas
Project Manager

What is your client/design philosophy?
Provide clients with exceptional service that will eventually develop into a long-term partnership. To me, exceptional service includes: listening to the client, having open and honest communication, being trustworthy and reliable.

What’s the most exciting aspect of working in TETER’s Bakersfield office?
Even though TETER has been designing buildings in Bakersfield since 1998, we formally opened a Bakersfield office in 2012. It is staffed with local long-time Bakersfield residents. It feels as though TETER has been a part of the community since day one. With our combined experience and connections to both local school districts and the community, I am excited to be a part of a team who will further enhance TETER’s commitment to Kern County.

What is your favorite lesson learned project story?
There are so many lessons that I have learned from the past 9 years as a P.M. But, they all tie-back to the “perfectionist” in me. And that is. . .no matter how hard you try, you will never be able to create the perfect set of drawings. There will always be something that makes you say, “How did I miss that?” Those are the greatest teaching moments. It’s a great buy valium abroad reminder that we are all human.

What do you do for fun?
I enjoy taking road trips with my family. Most of our ventures have been exploring different parts of California. Our craziest road trip adventure was driving from California to New York. My husband and I tag teamed all the way to N.Y. We arrived in under 46 hours. That’s probably the first and last time we’ll ever do that. . .but, it was fun!

What non-profit organization do you support and why?
I am currently involved in “Quilt for Kids”, an organization where women get together once a month. We create comfort quilts for kids who are long-term patients in our local hospitals. Hospitals can sometimes feel impersonal. I find it rewarding to use my quilting talents and skills to create something colorful and warm that’s comforting to sick children.

What are you most proud of?
My family! My husband and 2 kids make life worth living. I am honored to have a husband who works really hard to provide for our family. And I am so blessed to have two boys who are full of energy and constantly keep me on the go!